Friday, April 27, 2012

A Small Cluster of MCM Houses off Lavista Rd

Spotted these three houses while turning around on Breckenridge Dr near Lavista Rd.

1791 Breckenridge Dr

1792 Breckenridge Dr
1831 Breckenridge Dr
-- John

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ahavath Achim Synagogue

It's been a while since I posted to this blog - thought I'd do something a bit more recent. These images are of the Ahavath Achim Synagogue on Peachtree Battle taken on 2012.03.18 (arts and crafts show). It was built in 1958 and has many modernist features - I particularly like the brick to stone contrasts, the large vertical-slit stain-glass windows and the fabulous entryway! They just don't make them like this anymore...

More information on the Synagogue here:

There are a few other modernists structures nearby including homes on Peachtree Battle.

-- John

Monday, May 30, 2011

Georgia Tech - Fabulous Screen Wall

I attended a DOCOMOMO lecture last summer and took this shot while walking across Georgia Tech towards the lecture hall. I'm not sure what building it is but I believe it's one of the science buildings. Check out the lobby and fantastic screen wall. By the trees to the left I'm thinking this on has been there a while....

Loving it!

-- John

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Modernist Albuquerque 2011.02.28 - KiMo Theater

As promised, here are the images I took of the KiMo Theater. It has a really interesting history which can be found on Wikipedia. As one of the only surviving examples of "Pueblo Deco," the building is well worth visiting.

Full Building Exterior from across Central Avenue and 5th Street

Marquee showing current production of "Alice in Wonderland"

Exterior Building profile from across 5th Street

Entry Ceiling - Note the faux beams and indigenous motifs

Entryway with terrazzo floor and decorated ceilings/walls

Love the Door Handles!

Another shot of the reception, mezzanine and mural by Taos artist Carl von Hassler

Those Red Eyes in the Skully sconces are really spectacular...

"Sand Painting" Mural - one of two that I saw

Above the Curtain

Stage Border - note the Native American swastikas

Love the seating detail

Stair Rail detail and mural by Taos artist Carl von Hassler

Love the lines of the furnishings

Seating near the bathroom

Shot along the mezzanine

Fantastic pendant and medallion detail

More skulls on the mezzanine columns

Assuming this is one of the original carbon arc projectors preserved in a mezzanine alcove

Stairs leading to the balcony with a peek at the ceiling (roped off)
I hope you enjoyed the photos (they're also posted in my flickr account if they look familiar).

-- John

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Modernist Albuquerque 2011.02.28 - Along Route 66

So these are the various photos I took earlier this year in Albuquerque - most of these are along Route 66. I'm saving the images of the wonderful Pueblo-Deco KiMo Theater for another post - it's well deserving of being spot-lighted on its own.

First shot is a sunset - just to give you an idea of the general setting - the city sits nestled along one side of the Sandia mountains and is mostly flat or shallow rolling hills; desert with cedars, sage and other scrub. There are other hills and ranges that can be seen in the distance.

I took this shot of a long, tall decorative screen-wall near downtown. You just don't see this type of construction any more.

I'm still downtown with this series of images - mostly old theaters, public buildings and the like. The KiMo is also located on that end. The opposite end of Route 66 has Nob Hill and is close to the college.

Crossroads Motel

Here are some shots of the El Rel Theater - looks to be used for live performances now.

And here's a taste of the KiMo Theater up the street

This is an old Kress building - I like that the original building sign was retained.

As you start traveling towards Nob Hill you first see this old car dealership that has been converted to a restaurant - there are Phillips 66 pumps evident (not sure if those were original or brought in).

I spotted this Deco condo which was probably originally a hotel.

Most of the architecture that's worth seeing along the Route is Deco.

And then there's this really wonderful Hiway House Motel - the building itself is rather boring but the neon sign is really fantastic.

And here are some random details I spotted that look interesting enough to photograph.

There's also a small theater with some interesting Asian Cinema - the Guild.

And finally one of my favorites - an original barrel-roofed Arby's that's been converted into a Starbucks - I like that a new Arby's has been built right-alongside - it provides some continuity.

My apologies for the quality of many of these photos - they were taking from the sidewalk and the sun was rather intense (it was also getting towards the evening so so the lighting is both stark and angled with deep shadows). I hope you enjoyed my little tour.

-- John