Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Modernist Albuquerque 2011.02.28 - KiMo Theater

As promised, here are the images I took of the KiMo Theater. It has a really interesting history which can be found on Wikipedia. As one of the only surviving examples of "Pueblo Deco," the building is well worth visiting.

Full Building Exterior from across Central Avenue and 5th Street

Marquee showing current production of "Alice in Wonderland"

Exterior Building profile from across 5th Street

Entry Ceiling - Note the faux beams and indigenous motifs

Entryway with terrazzo floor and decorated ceilings/walls

Love the Door Handles!

Another shot of the reception, mezzanine and mural by Taos artist Carl von Hassler

Those Red Eyes in the Skully sconces are really spectacular...

"Sand Painting" Mural - one of two that I saw

Above the Curtain

Stage Border - note the Native American swastikas

Love the seating detail

Stair Rail detail and mural by Taos artist Carl von Hassler

Love the lines of the furnishings

Seating near the bathroom

Shot along the mezzanine

Fantastic pendant and medallion detail

More skulls on the mezzanine columns

Assuming this is one of the original carbon arc projectors preserved in a mezzanine alcove

Stairs leading to the balcony with a peek at the ceiling (roped off)
I hope you enjoyed the photos (they're also posted in my flickr account if they look familiar).

-- John

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phinz said...

What an amazing theatre. Thank you for the pictures.