Monday, October 29, 2007

Images taken 2007.10.07 Octagons Galore!

I've always liked these two structures - the first is a house on the corner of Old Lilburn Road and Lilburn-Stone Mountain Road near Hugh Howell Road/78 near Stone Mountain. I'm not sure of the architect but it's certainly inspired, with the raised roof, octagonal shape and portachere:

The second structure is also somewhat octagon in shape and reminds me of some of FLW's designs (it's certainly inspired by his work) - this church is on Killian Hill Road in Lilburn:

The last images is what you actually see from the street (along with the sign as you drive past). It's on the right side travelling East from I85. I like the building profile shaped sign.

-- John

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Briarlake Elementary 2007.09.29

While taking images of the DOCOMOMO Home Tour I also took some snaps of the local elementary school: Briarlake Elementary (these were taken on 9/29 so the decorations are all "fall" and "Halloween" influenced - great fun!).

I've long had a facination of public buildings such as schools, churches, post offices and retail spaces, that were build post-war and show elements of mid-century modern styling. I'm putting together a catalog of local structures - enjoy!

-- John

Friday, October 5, 2007

More Old Clarksville Pics taken 2005.04.17

I came across some pics that I had taken several years ago while visiting Clarksville Tennessee. These range from some interesting public buildings to a couple of homes - one is the best example of Mid-Century Modern construction I've so far seen in the area.

State Farm Office on Memorial Drive:

One of a gob of ubiquitous Shell Stations - this one on Memorial Drive:

Anyone know who designed these Shell Stations - this one is called "Lees" but I see examples all over the south-east. I believe they were all Shells at one time, but have been sold or converted. Some examples are still very original - this one has been altered some but the typical lines are still there.

Montgomery County Highway Department:

I just love public works buildings from the period - Schools, Libraries, Post Offices - they seem to employ elements of MCM architecture from subtle points all the way to extremes (usually more the former than the latter) - it's great that so many are still standing and I really like it when they are still used by the original agencies. This building is just remarkable.

MCM-Influenced Ranch:

Great Example of an MCM for Clarksville:

The house above is the best example of an MCM design I've come across so far in my Clarksville visits. It exemplifies what I personally would enjoy both living in and maintaining. Even the landscaping is above par.

Another MCM Home:

I need to get more images of the local schools - I'll make a point to do so during the next of my frequent visits.

-- John