Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Drive through Amberwood 2006.10.09

Arrowhead Exterior

Very often during DOCOMOMO meetings the Amberwood neighborhood becomes a hot topic of conversation. Amberwood is an unusual neighborhood for many reasons - besides being in a very desirable school district (off of Lavista Road and Briarcliff/Briarlake), the neighborhood features many modern-influenced ranch homes, and also lays "claim to fame" of hosting several Robert Green properties - for those of you who haven't heard of him, Robert Green was a Wright Fellow (who lived and practiced architecture in Atlanta) and actually took part in one of the last classes actually taught by FLW himself. As such, Robert Green uses the same "organic architecture" sported by other Wright Fellowship members and these details are evident in his architectural designs. Amberwood has the distinction of hosting one of Green's most famous structures, Arrowhead. I refrained from taking images of Arrowhead, but do have some from my files, which is where the opening photo is from (at the time Arrowhead was covered by a huge smurf-blue tarp). Note that I took these images 2006.10.09.

The entrance was also designed by Robert Green, but I'm not sure how close the current state is to the original design - I'm sure that the sign at least is different - I also imagine different plantings:

Continuing through the neighborhood, the main street is Castleway Lane. There are several homes of interest on this street:
2081 Castleway Ln: 2068 Castleway Ln:
2060 Castleway Ln:
2001 Castleway Ln - (Attributed to Robert Green): 1991 Castleway Ln:

There were many others but the lighting at the time wasn't the best so I left them out of this initial post.
On Amberwood Lane:
2058 Amberwood Ln:
The back of the neighborhood links to several streets and neighborhoods - many of the streets are named after auto manufacturers - driving through them I found the following:

2585 Gran Prix Ct

2517 Mercedes Rd
2161 Starfire Rd
2135 Starfire Rd
2002 Starfire Rd
1944 Starfire Rd

I'll continue with more images soon.
-- John

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