Friday, June 29, 2007

Nashville Modern

I put together the following and posted the information on the Lotta Living Forums - the thread was about some interesting buildings I encountered while traveling in Nashville, Tennessee:

Nashville Tennessee MCM and Googie

I recently went to Nashvile Tennessee to visit my 82 year-old mother (she was being hospitalized for a mild stroke, so the circumstances weren't the best - however bringing my camera and "focusing" some of my attention on the localized scenery provided some much needed distraction). Here are some snaps I took that I thought you all might find of some interest:

The area I visited was on Nashville's West End in the Belle Meade neighborhood - this was a rather upper-crust area that borders Vanderbuilt University and many private prep schools. The architecture is very diverse, with Craftsman bungalows siding next to MCM synogogues and wildly angular churches. My mother was admitted to St Johns Hospital - one of the best heart facilities in the state (some might argue in the Southeast). There were two nearby buildings that captured my interest. One was the old Belle Meade theater (now housing some retail business) and the Imperial House (I'm not sure of the original intent of this building - I believe it held condos or appartments).

Belle Meade Theater:
This theater is a rather interesing survivor of the art deco period with all the usual bits: stone and glass tile, stainless steel, and an amazing tower (remarkably still standing).

Imperial House:
I'm not sure why I love the design of this building so much. It could be the wing-shaped motif, reiterated throughout the degisn, or the gigantic decorative block - you be the judge.

John Eaton(Originally published 2005.03.27 in the thread: "Nashville Tennessee MCM and Googie" on the Lotta Living forums)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hello and Welcome

I started this blog so I could more accurately catalog the various modern homes and buildings I come across in my travels (mostly in and across Georgia). I've found it cumbersome to design dedicated pages highlighting the many areas and states where I've found wonderful (and sometimes not-so) architecture on my Modern sites, and Showing my images in blog form also allows readers to publish comments directly, instead of sending me emails which I may or may not get or respond to - this format is frankly just better. Initially I'll convert some pages into blog format that I've already published, adding additional images as I go along to spice things up. The title is a play on the film "Desperately Seeking Susan" starring Madonna.

I'll start with some images taken a few years ago in Clarksville and Nashville Tennessee, then put some stuff up from last year, finally catching up to this year.

-- John